Sunday, October 11, 2015

Christensen- Hyper Link

Unlearning the Myths that Bind us, introduce the reader to think about the "secret education". Christensen talks about how Disney movies and cartoons first introduce children to harmful stereotypes. The most shocking I discovered was the lyrics from the black men singing...

Growing up I didn't understand what the men were saying but now that I'm older, I ask myself why did Disney choose black men? Why did they explicitly sing such horrible things? When I read this article, I started charting out stereotypes much like Christensen's students did.
"Then students started noticing patterns..."
Christensen was correct when she said that in later cartoons Disney's "sophistication" of the secret education increased... dumbo for example. Disney plays a really big role in SCWAAMP.

S- every disney movie includes a heterosexual couple
C- some of the cartoons run christmas specials- Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas... or toys are made with santa hats etc.
W- 4 out of 12 princesses are princesses other than caucasian
A- Americaness... It's apart of the american dream to go to Disney Land
A- Ariel is one of the far few who are not of able body ( after she gets her feet).
M- All the males are strong, confident, aggressive.... all except HunchBack Of Notredame (never watched this one so I'm not sure how the plot unveils)
P- You have to own at least one disney themed something... or you're not cool.


  1. Your first video was really eye opening. Especially with the ring leader using his whip. It never really shows who or what he is cracking the whip at. You can assume it would be the animals but if the black workers are slaves, it could be them as well. Very interesting.

  2. I like the Disney videos that you have and how you did the word SCWAAMP. Growing up with Disney you never really think about the little things that they have hidden in their movies.

  3. I really liked everything about your blog. Especially the videos. The second video was interesting because it actually spoke about how Disney has an effect on the gender roles of men. Also the first video was very eye opening.

  4. Really awesome videos. Pointing out instances in which SCWAAMP applied to Disney movies was really interesting. You really don't think about how often SCWAAMP applies to your everyday life until you relate it to something as normal as Disney.

  5. wow your first video is very powerful.