Sunday, November 8, 2015

Finn- Extension Of Mary Abbys

Like Mary Abby notes, there are many Delpit connections in "Literacy With An Attitude"

"All of us-teachers and students-were locked into a system of rules and roles that none of us understood and that did not allow for much in the way of education."

Teachers enter into the education without fully understanding the rules and roles of the demographic, socioeconomic backgrounds and so forth. Those students are then not taught the best they could possibly be taught- and is that just? Who is to blame? 

Its a cycle. People are comfortable with the broken system because for it to be different their would have to be change. For justice we need advocates. Like the example Finn uses of Freire- the man who taught the illiterate poor of Brazil. After a conversation of justice and what they want to gain from literacy they were able to move forward. 

Additionally, as Mary Abby stated,  Finn clearly laid out a set of rules for his students. His classroom was then able to run more smoothly. The vice principle often applaud him on his classroom as well. I feel like Delpit would be happy with his teaching style because you gain more knowledge when you are able to understand the rules and roles.  The quote I used earlier explains how difficult it can be to be in a system where you don't know you're place or the codes in that particular environment. 

Talks about the cycle- people are comfortable and the only way to break the chain and for there to be changes in rules and codes of power and justice we need advocates for change. Freire was an advocate for the illiterate poor in brazil


  1. I agree with you on the rule based teaching style, but in a way I feel almost anti-Delpit too because Finn is saying that this rule based teaching style is not helping these children grow and prosper.

  2. Your blog post was really informative. I also enjoyed Mary Abby's blog and the points you both made.

  3. Thanks for using my blog as a connection! :) you make some good points here, very well written!